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POAC Conferences have always been a meeting place for lively discussion and sometimes heated debate. Notice of the conference is usually circulated well in advance of the conference and people interested in making a presentation at POAC submit an abstract to the Organizing Committee. Accepted abstracts require a paper, usually 10 pages in length, which must be submitted for review. The reviewed papers are published in conference proceedings and distributed at the conference. Past printed proceedings are sometimes difficult to obtain. The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) for the printed POAC proceedings is ISSN 0376-6756 = Proceedings - International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions. The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) for the web-based POAC proceedings is ISSN 2077-7841 = Proceedings of the International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions. (Abbreviated key title: Proc. Int. Conf. Port Ocean Eng. Arct. Cond.; Variant title: POAC).

The POAC Secretariat has put all of the past POAC conference proceedings online. Please download the following spreadsheet, which is a Table of Contents of all previous POAC conferences. Note that this file is in Microsoft Excel format. If you don't have the ability to open Excel files, a free viewer can be obtained from Microsoft here. The individual files are in Adobe format. Viewer is available from here.

POAC_Table_of_Contents.xls (530 kB)

The papers have been grouped according to first, the year of the conference; second, the volume number of the proceedings for that conference; and third, the starting page number of the paper. Three different file formats are used as follows:

* POACXX_Vy.ZIP In this case, all of the papers from the POAC conference of year XX and Volume y are grouped together into a ZIP file. When unzipped, the individual papers are available. The file names for the individual papers also have pzz in the title where zz is the starting page number of the article.

* POACXX_xx-yy.ZIP In this case, the papers are available only in electronic format (i.e. there were no printed proceedings). This file would represent the papers numbered xx to yy for POAC conference of year XX. They are all contained in a ZIP file.

* POACXX_Vy_all.pdf These files contain all of the papers in Volume y from the POAC conference of year XX. In this case, all of the papers are contained in a single Adobe pdf file.

Proper citation to the authors and the POAC conference should be given if these papers are used for scientific research and publications. Please note that the reader uses this information at their own risk and POAC assumes no liability whatsoever for their use.

All POAC proceedings can be obtained by contacting the POAC committee (email ). The following POAC conference papers are now available for download:

Conference Year POAC Papers Size
1 1971 POAC'71 Papers
87.1 MB
49.4 MB
2 1973 POAC'73 Papers
132 MB
3 1975 POAC'75 POAC75_V1_all.pdf
23.1 MB
20.4 MB
4 1977 POAC'77 POAC77_V1_all.pdf
27 MB
25 MB
5 1979 POAC'79 POAC79_V1.zip
76.9 MB
56.1 MB
47.7 MB
6 1981 POAC'81 POAC81_V1_all.pdf
16.8 MB
16.4 MB
13.9 MB
7 1983 POAC'83 POAC83_V1_all.pdf
22.4 MB
21.2 MB
20.4 MB
24 MB
8 1985 POAC'85 POAC85_V1_all.pdf
13 MB
13 MB
9.5 MB
9 1987 POAC'87 POAC87_V1_all.pdf
53 MB
10 MB
30.3 MB
10 1989 POAC'89 POAC89_V1_all.pdf
28.9 MB
24.4 MB
20.4 MB
11 1991 POAC'91 POAC91_V1_all.pdf
29.7 MB
33.5 MB
12 1993 POAC'93 POAC93_V1_all.pdf
38.5 MB
24 MB
13 1995 POAC'95 POAC95_V1_all.pdf
6.2 MB
6.4 MB
7.2 MB
6.4 MB
14 1997 POAC'97 POAC97_all.pdf 43.3 MB
15 1999 POAC'99 POAC99_V1.zip
87.8 MB
81.9 MB
8.6 MB
16 2001 POAC'01 POAC01_V1.zip
23.4 MB
16.6 MB
13.9 MB
17 2003 POAC'03 POAC03_V1.zip
37.4 MB
37.5 MB
18 2005 POAC'05 POAC05_V1.zip
67.1 MB
31.8 MB
22.1 MB
19 2007 POAC'07 POAC07_V1.zip
12.8 MB
13.7 MB
20 2009 POAC'09 POAC09_01-71.zip
28.9 MB
38.8 MB
29.3 MB
21 2011 POAC'11 POAC11_1-79.zip
59.3 MB
74.7 MB
22 2013 POAC'13 Papers

23 2015 POAC'15 Papers

24 2017 POAC'17 Papers

25 2019 POAC'19 Papers

26 2021 POAC'21 Proceedings

26 2023 POAC'23 Papers

POAC would like to acknowledge support from the following organizations and people for getting these proceedings online: National Research Council of Canada, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Program of Energy Research and Development, Anne Collins, Sveinung LÝset, John Dempsey, Garry Timco and Ivana Kubat.