Flags of participating nations
POAC09 Attendees
POAC President Lennart Fransson
Ivana Kubat extends an invitation to POAC11 in Montreal
Presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Bill Sackinger
POAC09 International Committee
Bill Sackinger's Award
Presenting the POAC09 Student Award to Vegard Aksnes
Sudom and Barker Handing out Canada pins and POAC11 Announcement
Timco thanking POAC President Fransson
Boat Cruise
Boat Cruise
Boat Cruise
Boat Cruise
Boat Cruise
Boat Cruise
Allan,  Harnvig and Vernyayev on the boat cruise
Timco and Brown on the boat cruise
Shrestha, Obert and Tibbo on the boat cruise
Stuckey, Marchenko and Brown on the boat cruise
Icebreaker Party
International Committee Luncheon Meeting
Jolikgarden Reindeer Stew
Jolikgarden Smoked Fish
Jopikgarden Jopikgarden
Jopikgarden overview
Croasdale's solution to Mosquitos Gravesen, Wilkman, Berger and Evers
Liljestrom, Keinonen, and Santos Pedro
Metge and Kovacs Kovacs and Schwarz
Lab tour Lab tour Lab tour
Lab tour Lee, Wang and Choi
Liljestrom and Kubat
Lulea Troll Lunch
Ottolini, Moslet and McKenna
Registration Registration
Registration Desk
Santos Pedro's Keynote Lecture Smirnov, Kubat and Barker
Tripathi, Obert, Shrestha and Tibbo
At the Arctic Circle Icehotel
The Icebar at Icehotel
Obert and Shrestha at Icehotel
The Icehotel Warehouse
Waiting for the bus Waiting for the bus