Bercha, Kubat, Barker, Spencer, and Timco
Boat Trip
Cees Brummelkamp
Country Dining
Country Dining
Dalian Scenery
Day Trip
Down the Water Slide
Dumplings and Beer
Edmond Coche
Frank Bercha
Fransson's invitation to POAC09
George Li
Giny Masterson
Icebreaker Party
Icebreaker Party
Ikeda giving Keynote Lecture
International Committee
Izumiyama giving Keynote Lecture
Jane and Andrew Palmer
Joachim Berger
Karna giving Keynote Lecture
Lab Tour
Lab Tour
Lecture Hall
Lecture Hall Local Kiosks
Marchenko asking Question
Marchenkos, Franssons, and Izumiyama McKenna and Fransson
Ning Xu at Registration Desk
Ove Gudmestad Pavel Liferov and Shunying Ji
POAC07 Local Committee POAC Welcome
Qu Yan giving Opening Lecture
Robert Gagnon Sammonds, Bailey, & Jane and Andrew Palmer
Schwarz and Jordaan
Sebastien Barrault Shopping
Spring giving Keynote Lecture
Street Scene Timco at Opening Session
Tom Segboer
Xu Ning giving a Presentation Yue at Opening Session
Yue, Croasdale, Palmer, Karna, Loset, Izumiyama, and Schwarz
Boat Cruise Boat Cruise
Hotel Banquet
POAC '07 Postcard
POAC07 Participants