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The Members of the current POAC International Committee are:

Prof. Kyungsik Choi;
Korea [email protected]
Mrs. Ivana Kubat;
Secretary General
Canada [email protected]
Dr. Robert Gagnon Canada robert.g[email protected]
Mr. Jim Bruce Canada [email protected]
Prof. Li Zhijun China [email protected]
Mr. Klaus Harnvig Denmark [email protected]
Mr. Reko-Antti Suojanen Finland [email protected]
Dr. Kari Kolari Finland [email protected]
Mr. Robert Bridges France [email protected]
Dr. Karl-Ulrich Evers Germany [email protected]
Mr. Sergey Vernaev Kazakhstan [email protected]
Prof. Jong-ho Nam Korea [email protected]
Dr. Natsuhiko Ohtsuka Japan [email protected]
Dr. Paul Verlaan Netherlands [email protected]
Vacant New Zealand  
Prof. Knut Hoyland Norway [email protected]
Dr. Basile Bonnemaire Norway [email protected]
Prof. Alexey Marchenko Russia [email protected]
Dr. Marina Karulina Russia [email protected]
Vacant Singapore
Mr. Jim Sandkvist Sweden [email protected]
Mr. Graham Thomas UK [email protected]
Dr. Dmitri Matskevitch USA [email protected]
Dr. Walter Spring USA [email protected]

The membership Guidelines for the POAC International Committee are:

  • A member of the International Committee (IC) should show activity by attending and promoting the POAC conferences;
  • A member will be taken off the IC if they miss two consecutive POAC Conferences;
  • For a country to have members on the IC, multiple researchers should be active in that country within the field of POAC;
  • A member must be active by arranging conferences or contributing to sessions of POAC;
  • No country can have more than two members;
  • The Secretary General is a member of the IC but this position does not count on the country membership list.

The duties of the POAC President are as follows:

  • Organize, advertise and host a POAC Conference following the themes of POAC. The full costs of the conference must be borne from the registration fees and conference sponsors;
  • The President shall establish and chair a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) to assist in developing the conference and planning the details (both technical and social) for the conference;
  • The President and LOC must prepare a website for the conference;
  • The President is responsible for obtaining sponsors for the conference;
  • The President and LOC must produce a set of Proceedings from the conference. The proceedings must be available in electronic format along with a hard copy version of the Abstracts. It is up to the President and LOC to decide if they are also available in hard copy. They should be available at the time of the conference;
  • The President and LOC shall set the Registration Fees for the conference based on the anticipated costs and in-line with previous conference registration fees. There should be no profit or loss from the conference;
  • The President and LOC may impose additional charges if an author intends to present more than one paper at the conference. They may, at their discretion, ask for authors to register before publishing the paper in the proceedings;
  • The President may seek advice at any time from the Secretary General and the Past Presidents of POAC.
  • The President has the responsibility, working with the Secretary General, to seek potential hosts for the next POAC Conference.

The duties of the POAC Secretary General are as follows:

  • To ensure that POAC continues to thrive through international communication and collaborations;
  • To act as a point of contact for POAC-related activities, including interacting with other professional societies (e.g. IAHR, etc.);
  • To stimulate countries to apply for the next conference venue;
  • To ensure that the venue site for POAC conferences alters locations without consecutive meetings on the same continent;
  • To offer advice to the POAC President for the planning of the POAC Conference;
  • To work with the POAC President to seek potential hosts for future POAC conferences;
  • To keep the POAC Home Page (www.poac.com) updated and informative.